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March 5th, 2019

DataPath Joins the Swedes to Enter the Maritime Satcom Market and Provide Antennas with Solutions

DataPath travels to Sweden to take a step in the maritime satcom market to bring their DataPath Maritime Antenna System.

DataPath, Inc., provider of communications solutions, announced its entrance into the maritime satcom market after signing an exclusive reseller agreement with Advanced Stabilized Technologies Group (ASTG) of Stockholm, Sweden. DataPath will market and sell the maritime antenna system under the brand name DataPath Maritime Antenna System.

Maritime Satcom Solution – DataPath's new Maritime Antenna Systems are built with a unique 4-Axes gimbal technology to provide reliable satellite communications for naval vessels operating in harsh environments with no loss of electromagnetic compatibility, radio performance or reliability.

The antennas are built with a unique 4-axes gimbal technology, which is ideal for vessels operating in harsh and unfriendly environments needing no loss of electromagnetic compatibility, radio performance or reliability. The solution features proven technology, is fast, robust and boasts no dead angles — all imperative in a maritime satcom solution.

DataPath's Chief Executive Officer, Sherin Kamal, stated that the ASTG maritime solution is a significant addition to their portfolio, allowing DataPath to serve their customers with even broader satcom and wireless solutions. The market has been asking them for a maritime solution with the same innovative, modular and robust design as their current VSAT offering and he is very excited to now be able to satisfy their customers' request. Not only will they offer a Maritime solution that meets all the standards required for military use, but with the innovative and creative design from ASTG, they now offer a high-end solution at a very attractive price point.

The CEO of ASTG, David Svenn, commented that they are glad to announce deeper cooperation with DataPath for the distribution of their high-end maritime VSAT antennas. ASTG has put great effort into adapting the new product portfolio for the high-end users to whom the products are intended. They feel confident that the partnership with DataPath is the right platform to approach the market and are excited to have immediate access to an established and successful global sales network.  

The DataPath Maritime Antenna System now joins a wide range of portable satcom solutions from the company, including the extremely rapid deployment Q-Series antenna systems and the quick deployment C-series terminals. These portable satellite systems can be configured with DataPath's line of fixed and transportable (Hub) satcom systems.