Satnews Daily
February 12th, 2018

The Debut of a Miniature Star Tracker and ADACS Unit from Adcole Maryland Aerospace

Adcole Maryland Aerospace (AMA) has launched a new, miniature Star Tracker as well as a new ADACS unit, the MAI-500, on the heels of the company's successful deployment of their Kestrel Eye Block II SmallSat.

Adcole Maryland Aerospace's Star Tracker.

The MAI-SS Space Sextant offers precision attitude determination of cubesats and smallsat systems. The Star Tracker features Lost-in-Space capability, a pointing accuracy of 5.7 arc seconds and a high update rate of 4Hz. The new MAI-500 is a self-contained ADACS featuring 2 Star Trackers oriented in opposite directions to assure availability of an attitude solution, regardless of Sun or Earth outages.