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June 16th, 2010

iDirect, Cobham + ASC... Ready, Willing, + Able...

[SatNews] iDirect, Inc.has launched ReadyCONNECT(tm), a portable emergency response satellite communications system developed by global satellite equipment leader Cobham Satcom and partner Australian Satellite Communications (ASC). Built on iDirect’s VSAT platform, ReadyCONNECT equips first responders with an off-the-shelf, fully mobile communications package that can be quickly deployed anywhere in the Pacific for immediate, reliable access to VoIP, broadband Internet and other applications. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

The ReadyCONNECT solution will be displayed during the 2010 CommunicAsia Conference in Singapore, from June 15-18. To see a demonstration or for more information, stop by booth number 6J1-07.

Cobham and ASC designed ReadyCONNECT to be a complete, turnkey emergency communications system that can be set up in 10 minutes with always-available bandwidth, providing an instant solution for responders who face natural disasters in the Pacific region beset by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. The solution is designed to leverage the flexibility of the iDirect VSAT platform to provide high bandwidth reliability in a variety of weather conditions, and simultaneously support operation of multiple bandwidth-intensive applications while ensuring toll-quality voice and data communications. The standard ReadyCONNECT package includes all necessary hardware, bandwidth, support and training to make connectivity in the field simple and effective for emergency responders:
  • ReadyCONNECT Comms Unit: four fly-away cases that house a complete communications system with an iDirect satellite modem, a telephony interface, VoIP ethernet switch and back-up power supply/conditioner. On the ground, users can connect directly to the unit or wirelessly via the built-in wireless access point, providing increased range for local area access and greater flexibility
  • ReadyCONNECT Quick deploy antenna: featuring single button activation and automatic satellite acquisition, without requiring a VSAT specialist to become operational
  • ReadyCONNECT service: immediate, reliable access to Ku-band satellite bandwidth, with complete coverage across the Pacific via the GE23 satellite. Included are two days per month standard use for training or short-term connectivity needs. Customers can choose between a dedicated or roaming service, enabling them to deploy the unit across different satellite beams
ReadyCONNECT was jointly developed by Cobham Satcom whose equipment has been relied on by first responders in more than 500 deployments globally. Cobham turned to ASC as its partner because of the service provider’s expertise, regional presence, and complete coverage of the Pacific, with iDirect networks teleported out of Hawaii and Adelaide, South Australia. ASC owns and manages the iDirect satellite networks that power ReadyCONNECT, leveraging a reliable VSAT platform that is used daily by military, government agencies and emergency responders worldwide to provide stable connectivity in extreme and hazardous environments.