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July 12th, 2018

New VSAT Monitoring and Geolocation System to Mitigate Interference Debuts from Atos

Atos has launched their new satellite monitoring and geolocation system, which can detect, localize and mitigate interference from the ever-increasing number of smallsat carriers and devices.

Named Atos SkyMon ILS (Interference Localization System) VSAT, the system — formerly known as SIECAMS — is the latest innovation following Atos’ recent acquisition of Siemens Convergence Creators (CVC), resulting in reinforced capabilities in the space market. Over the next couple of years, thousands of powerful smallsats will be launched into LEO, which means that detecting and localizing interference is therefore becoming more and more crucial.

Atos SkyMon ILS VSAT, a fully integrated solution to monitor, identify and geolocate interference caused by VSAT networks and provides:

  • Overview of the identified VSAT networks including all active terminals
  • Monitoring of cross-pol and adjacent satellite interference for each active terminal
  • Geographical location of VSAT terminals on a map
  • Classification of VSAT network
  • Automatic identification of TDMA carriers
  • Demodulation of TDMA carriers
  • List of terminal-IDs causing interference


Atos SkyMon ILS VSAT is part of a complete software suite which includes:

  • SkyMon ILS – interference localization system working with two adjacent satellites
  • SkyMon ILS ONE – the world’s first single satellite geolocation system
  • SkyMon TIS – terrestrial interference scanner to identify and localize interferences caused by terrestrial mobile communication networks
  • SkyMon CID – identification of the DVB-Carrier-ID


Pierre Barnabe, COO, Big Data & Security, at Atos, said the company's SkyMon is the most comprehensive range of solutions to identify and geolocate any kind of satellite interference and this latest addition enables Atos to support its clients in solving the challenges of a heavily crowded space.

SkyMon ILS VSAT is ready to order now and will be delivered by the end of 2018.