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March 31st, 2015

On Orbit Achievement By Express-AM7

[SatNews] RSCC’s latest asset, the Express-AM7, which was injected to a geo-transfer orbit by Proton-M/Breeze-M on March 19, 2015, reached geo-stationary orbit on March 25, 2015.

The launch of the Express-AM7 satellite.

Leading up to March 30th, the plan is to put the onboard systems in operational configuration and to translate the satellite to its assigned 40 degrees East orbital slot.

“We at Rossviaz have followed the satellite’s maneuvers with particular attention. The successful launch and subsequent commissioning of the satellite will make it possible for our subordinate entity to enhance operational efficiency and make a wider choice of services available to users,” said Oleg G.Dukhovnitsky, Chief of the Federal Communications Agency.

Commissioning of the new RSCC satellite is expected in May 2015.

Express-AM7 is a heavy-class satellite built on the Eurostar-3000 platform by Airbus Defence and Space on the orders of RSCC. This space platform supports an onboard retransmission complex with a mass of 1.5 tons and power consumption of up to 14 kW. The satellite payload is comprised of 80 transponders in the C-, Ku- and L-bands and eight antenna systems, two of which are steerable.

Express-AM7 will be able to respond flexibly to changing market demands throughout its 15-year service life. The satellite is equipped with multizone fixed antennas covering Russia, Western Europe and Asia. The satellite's steerable antennas embraces a wide sector and that is coupled with the capability to redistributethe  radio frequency capacity of the onboard retransmission complex between, and among, coverage areas.