Satnews Daily
December 29th, 2015

Express-AMY1 Expressed To Orbit

Photo © Oleg Urusov/ITAR-TASS.

[Satnews] Russia's TASS news agency is reporting that a Proton-M carrier rocket with the Express-AMY1 communications satellite onboard lifted off from Baikonur space launch facility in Kazakhstan, according to the Russian Space Agency, Roskosmos.

"The Briz-M rocket booster is to separate in nine and a half minutes," the space agency’s representative said. This was the last carrier rocket launched from Baikonur this year and 18th since the start of 2015.

The launch was initially scheduled for 00:30 Moscow time on December 24 but had to be postponed because of a strong wind at the launch site. The satellite is expected to separate from the rocket booster at 9:43 Moscow time.