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April 11th, 2012

Clear Channel Satellite's Xtreme Solution For Expanding Networks

[SatNews] "...is game changing for independent syndicators who maintain their own satellite uplinks.”

Designed as an advanced replacement for outdated, poorly supported SCPC audio systems serving the broadcast industry; the new XtremeSat™ Media Content Receivers (MCR) have all of the features a radio syndicator needs.  “XtremeSat™ Media is game changing for independent syndicators who maintain their own satellite uplinks,” said Robert Traw, Account Executive for Clear Channel Satellite.  “For the first time, networks can acquire an affordable advanced content management platform and immediately create new revenue sources utilizing regionalized spot insertions.”  The CCS team will be available to answer questions at the NAB 2012 Show in Las Vegas, April 16 – 19, booth #SU5004.

Learn more about XtremeSat Media here .

The MCR-100 Series comes with a stereo analog output and an AES/EBU output (balanced, high quality audio on XLR connectors).  The unit features eight tightly audio-synchronized relays, two AAC formats (and several MPEG choices), and the ability to seamlessly transition from SCPC (single channel) to MCPC (multiple channels) as the network expands.  

“For the last couple of years we have been searching for a satellite receiver platform that would allow networks to continue using their own Earth station, but to gain features that are provided in an MCPC platform,” said Monty Dent, Sales Manager for Clear Channel Satellite.  “We also understood that the pricing model needed to fit in the budget of small to medium sized networks with the equipment built to the highest quality standards for many years of reliable service.”

The MCR-200 Series receivers include onboard SD (Pro) memory that gives affiliates DVR-like functions for playback of recorded programming and/or automatic insertion of regionalized spots.  File playback and Shoutcast streaming are also stock features on the MCR-200 series, protecting content during a satellite carrier outage and even safeguarding amid sun-outages. The system is equipped for DVB-S/S2, web-management and a highly developed Network Management System. There are no moving parts in the receivers and due to their energy efficiency, no fan is needed.

  The feature-set of the new receiver line was developed cooperatively by Clear Channel Satellite and 2wcom Systems GmbH.  It is available worldwide through Clear Channel Satellite. “It’s a great addition to our extensive product and bandwidth offerings. We believe this uplink and receiver platform will change the way networks think about operating their own satellite uplinks”, says Mike Hagans, President and GM of Clear Channel Satellite.  “This product line enables many SCPC networks to replace a poorly supported, failure-prone and often times orphaned system, with a thoroughly modern feature set.  The design is smart, the features are extensive, and the price is sensible.  The manufacturer we partnered with on this platform, 2wcom Systems GmbH, has a sterling reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of highly reliable professional broadcast products.  In addition, to DVB-S/S2 satellite solutions, 2wcom Systems manufactures premium FM, RDS, DAB and DVB-T products that are designed and produced in Flensburg, Germany.”    

All XtremeSat™ MCR Series receivers come standard with a two-year warranty.  A U.S. Warranty Center will be maintained by Clear Channel Satellite at their Denver, Colorado facilities.