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July 7th, 2010

Orbit Technologies... Marine Magic (VSAT)

[SatNews] Orbit Technologies Ltd. now has a follow up order for its marine VSAT antenna systems from the Swiss company, NewSat. Total orders for the year are in excess of $2 million dollars.

The current order caps four years of Orbit systems sales to NewSat, totaling more than $3 million (US). Continuing orders are expected in 2010. NewSat installs Orbit’s systems on drilling platforms at sea and onboard ships. The Orbit systems purchased by NewSat provide broadband connectivity, which enables real time data transmission between marine platforms and their land-based headquarters. This connectivity capability offers a substantial efficiency increase, providing measurable savings in communication costs. The systems ordered by NewSat are Orbit’s AL-7108, which is a 2.4m C-band marine stabilized Tx/Rx system. Specially designed to provide continuous connectivity in mid-ocean or in equatorial areas with heavy rains, Orbit's AL-7108 system ensures superior 2-way, high-speed, broadband communication for vital onboard communication and entertainment services. Providing onboard phone, Internet, streaming video, data, GSM cellular, fax and videoconference systems for cargo, cruise ships and ferries, tankers, fishing boats, Oil & Gas rigs and supporting vessels, buoys and combat vessels, the state-of-the-art AL-7108 is a cost-effective solution globally deployed by Orbit's commercial, private and military customers.