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May 26th, 2009

Bringing A Space Marketplace To Spatial Entrepreneurs

Earth Space Agency has launched a neutral space marketplace to assist civilian space companies to trade parts, services, and patents required for building space ships, satellites and space probes.

Earth Space Agency homepage Today's space commercialization creates "habitable" conditions for small hi-tech companies to emerge and to employ highly skilled individuals who otherwise would be destined to apply their specific education in more ordinary jobs. It is apparent that these companies are not capable of building a whole space craft directly from the beginning by themselves, so Earth Space Agency's space marketplace allows these companies to start with designing, manufacturing and selling some useful components that would be required by governments' space agencies or private space projects. Space market for these emerging companies means much more than just building satellites or launching rockets. In near future it will cover the ground infrastructure on Earth that enables space-related activities: educational system, research centers, engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and mission control centers.

Space market will cover all possible flying devices: rockets, space ships, satellites, space probes and related scientific instruments. And in case of the Moon, it is about a whole new kind of ground market: pressurized vehicles and buildings, orangeries, environment management and recycling systems, mining equipment, chemicals processing facilities, new medicinal devices and space food. Looking from the other side, government space agencies and large aerospace companies can announce space tenders and offer space rewards at the space marketplace to break down large and complex projects into smaller, more manageable pieces, and to cut costs of state-sponsored space projects.

In case of challenging technological problems when technical and financial risks are hard to assess, reward offers could attract talented individuals or micro-companies that normally do not have access to the space industry because of their differences with academic, industrial or military cultures. That scale of new space businesses establishment, which will happen in the very near future, cannot be financed just by governments. Therefore, for pro-active private capital investors it is important to think ahead of time, if they do not want to miss future business opportunities. Future space businesses could be less covered by patents than the already functioning part of today's space programs. So, by starting on time, it is a great opportunity to build new businesses while still on Earth. To build businesses that will incomparably exceed those expectations when ".com" was the fashion in business. Earth Space Agency's website is also used by space companies to publish space job ads and space news. Individuals can publish their opinions and analysis about space topics. Companies are welcomed to publish interesting and adventurous articles about their current space projects to inspire others.