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April 16th, 2020

SES Networks to Engage De Boer Marine with Connectivity Solutins

De Boer Marine, specializing in maritime navigation and communication equipment, is now offering seamless, reliable, managed data services to the firm's international maritime clients leveraging SES Networks’ exceptional connectivity and its Skala Global Platform.

According to De Boer Marine, their customers will benefit from a superior customer experience with a cost-effective communications solution that reduces operational risk and cost.

Crew and operators will stay connected to their friends and family anytime anywhere, while De Boer Marine and fleet operators will benefit from flexible bandwidth management, advanced automatic beam switching, and a sophisticated network management system to maximize their profitability and efficiency.

The Skala Global Platform offers a combination of next-generation ground system technology, advanced satellite capabilities and service lifecycle expertise that enables scalable, flexible and high-quality managed data services for commercial shipping companies across the world.

Johannes Oost, Vice President, Business Development at De Boer Marine, said the company has a diverse customer base, with complex requirements when it comes to data. This makes SES the natural choice to partner with as their investments in space and ground-based infrastructure offer a reliable solution that ensures the firm's customers will have the capacity, coverage, and performance they need to overcome any future challenges they face.

Morten Hagland Hansen, VP, Global Sales for Commercial Maritime & Energy at SES Networks, noted that De Boer Marine requires the highest quality end-to-end service to support a global customer fleet. Through connectivity and ground system technology powered by SES Networks, they’ll be able to enjoy a faster and more reliable end-to-end service than ever before – removing any connectivity barriers for their operations both on vessels and onshore.