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October 7th, 2015

New, Performance-Enhanced, 3 RU SSPAs Debut From Teledyne Paradise Datacom

[Satnews] Teledyne Paradise Datacom announces their latest innovations to its line of 3RU rack height solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) that are available in either GaN (Gallium Nitride) or GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) technologies to address the full range of customers’ needs.

The Paradise 3RU SSPA with 1RU redundant power supply.

Advancing an industry-first design, Paradise has expanded the available power levels and frequency bands – and added a number of innovative features into their field-proven 3 RU SSPA product line:

  • Covers frequency bands from S- to Ka-
  • Delivers power levels of 40 watts to 800 watts
  • Single RU, fully redundant power supply with hot-swappable (removable) power modules
  • Optional hot-swappable SSPA Module to achieve the industry’s lowest MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
  • Full Monitor & Control (M&C) including Ethernet with UDP and SNMP control, RS-232 / RS-485

Highlights of the 3RU GaN Line: Paradise’s proprietary linearization technology in all of our GaN SSPAs produces linear output power that rivals that of tube-based amplifiers.  Covering S- through Ka-band, these GaN amplifier modules are installed in a 5.25 inch high x 24 inch deep chassis with a front panel display and five fault condition LEDs that reflect the SSPA’s major fault states. These amplifiers all feature the higher output power, greater power-added efficiency, and high reliability characteristic of GaN technology. Download the datasheet.

Highlights of the 3RU GaAs Line: Gallium Arsenide-based amplifiers are the optimum choice for applications that require instantaneous bandwidths in excess of 200 MHz. The creative SSPA chassis design from Paradise gives operators the highest power density in the industry along with key features that simplify ongoing maintenance of the amplifier. The power supply, fan trays and controller card connector plate are all hot-swappable for easy maintenance. Like the GaN line, the GaAs amplifiers are powered by a single rack unit fully-redundant power supply with hot swap-removable power supply modules.  Download the datasheet.

Executive Comment

“We originally developed our 3 RU SSPA as a direct-replacement for TWTAs, since it conforms to their typical 24” chassis depth,” said John Restivo, General Manager of Teledyne Paradise Datacom. “Later, it became the basis for our four and eight-module PowerMAX systems. As a result of our ongoing initiative to generate the highest levels of RF output power in the smallest foot print, our 3 RU SSPA has become the dominate platform of our indoor-amplifiers for power levels below 1,000 watts. By adding removable RF power modules and redundant power supplies, we believe we have the most compact and versatile product in the market today.”