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October 7th, 2015
NRL's Ionosphere Experiment Launches Sounding Rocket For Dusty Plasma Investigations
The Department of Defense (DoD) Space Test Program sponsored the launch and payload integration for the NRL CARE II mission.
China Launches A Jilin-1 Foursome
All four satellites were developed and produced by Chang Guang Satellite Technology.
China's Three CubeSat Launch To Track Aircraft + Maritime Vessels
The three CubeSats—in a mission coded STU-2—were launched on September 25 and have entered their designed orbit.
CPI Satcom Products Earns SuperLinear® TWTA Contract For DTH Network Uplink System In Africa
CPI’s products will be part of a primary uplink system in a well-established, DTH network in Africa.
A Poor Harvest For Satellite Manufacturers, An NSR Examination
Space is a high CAPEX market, making it sensitive to any threat against return on investment.
Moving On Up... Azercosmos Names New Chief Commercial Officer
Dan has extensive operational and sales experience acquired over the past 20 years in companies such as Intelsat, EMC2, and Cisco.
Inmarsat Brings Cobham SATCOM Aboard To Deliver Advanced MSS Terminals To The European Aviation Network Offering
The compact, lightweight and cost effective terminal will be a vital component in the European Aviation Network.
New Program Will Assist Entrepreneurs With Patented NASA Technologies
"The Startup NASA initiative leverages the results of our cutting-edge research and development so entrepreneurs can take that research—and some risks—to create new products and new services."—David Miller, Chief Technologist, NASA.
New, Performance-Enhanced, 3 RU SSPAs Debut From Teledyne Paradise Datacom
By adding removable RF power modules and redundant power supplies, we believe we have the most compact and versatile product in the market today.”—John Restivo, General Manager, Teledyne Paradise Datacom.
NSR Addresses Whether C-Band Is Still Suitable for Satellite... Will Rights Be Taken Away From Sat Operators?
The most contentious topic of debate being whether to take away rights that satellite operators currently, and for decades, have had for C-band spectrum.
Near Earth's Role In ORBCOMM's Acquisition Of WAM Technologies... Financial + Strategic Advisor
"This transaction marks our seventh successful engagement serving leading M2M companies and their investors..."