Satnews Daily
September 5th, 2019

EM Solutions Takes Two ... Secures Multiple Project Wins with Australian Department of Defence

EM Solutions has been awarded two contracts that will be providing solutions for Australian Department of Defence Innovation Hub to develop next-generation satellite ground terminal capability. 

EM Solutions, the Brisbane, Australia-based technology developer of innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products, has been awarded two contracts from the Australian Department of Defence Innovation Hub to develop next-generation satellite ground terminal capability.

The first is an AUD$ 1.9M contract to develop a low-profile, flat panel antenna satellite communications terminal. Based on a novel low cost ‘leaky-wave’ antenna developed in concert with researchers at the University of Queensland, this system is intended to provide improved communications capability from land, air or sea platforms to any satellite.

In the same announcement from the Australian Minister for Defence Industry, the company was also awarded an AUD$ 5.8M contract to continue its development of a ruggedized satellite communications terminal for potential deployment on current and future Royal Australian Navy vessels. This project aims to deliver a prototype communications terminal for testing and demonstration.

The AUD$ 7.7M in contract value awarded to EM Solutions is part of the latest tranche of 15 contracts valued at more than AUD$28 million awarded to Australian small businesses who are developing cutting-edge technologies aimed at providing the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with a capability edge.

EM Solutions CEO Dr. Rowan Gilmore said that these contract awards further strengthen our collaboration with the both the Royal Australian Navy and the ADF’s Joint Capability Group, and demonstrates their confidence in the existing Cobra systems EM Solutions has already installed on their patrol boats and frigates. They are delighted that these latest awards will enable them to continue to develop leading edge communications systems tailored to their specific requirements.