Satnews Daily
February 25th, 2016

XipLink Announces Half A Dozen Cellular Backhaul Wins

[Satnews] XipLink provider of Wireless Link Optimization, announces that six major cellular service providers have recently purchased Advanced Cellular Compression (ACC) features in order to roll out highly optimized cellular backhaul networks over satellite.

These customers include:

  • The leading global maritime voice provider, utilizing ACC's header and payload compression features to improve data throughput and deliver increased call capacity via satellite to 3G and 4G base stations located on vessels throughout the world. XipLink's ability to scale from small to large capacity networks is critical to managing growth in this sector.
  • A large US cellular service provider is optimizing traffic for disaster recovery and large event venues throughout North America. In addition to standard benefits provided by XipLink's Wireless Link Optimization, high speed TCP acceleration was delivered over 4G/LTE networks utilizing one of the first transparent GTP acceleration solutions in the market.
  • In Latin America, a global top ten telco is leveraging XipLink technology for 3G cellular backhaul from popular destinations along the South American coast, providing excellent user experience while also controlling capacity costs. With cellular traffic multiplying at a rapid pace for travelers, the XipLink ACC solution offers future scale, from tens of Megabits per second at the base station to Gigabits per second at the hub sites, adapting to these high growth conditions.
  • One of the largest telco's in North Asia is deploying XipLink with ACC to deliver an efficient vanguard network using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and broadband data rates to insure the highest levels of customer satisfaction while saving significant bandwidth.
  • A cellular service provider in North Asia has recently purchased XipLink appliances for 3G backhaul over satellite to mitigate explosive growth occurring from fixed, land-based locations. This customer is also utilizing XipLink's Hub Optimizations (XHO) to further reduce http traffic over the RAN by approximately 10 percent versus traditional cellular backhaul optimization techniques.


In Asia a sixth operator has expanded their existing XipLink network after a one-year positive experience, gaining a 50 percent call capacity benefit for 3G voice services with no degradation of voice quality while improving packet-per-second throughput on their satellite modems using ACC's header compression and packet coalescing features. Additional key features that demonstrate highly differentiated benefits for cellular service providers using XipLink’s Wireless Link Optimization software include;

  • Link Balancing and Bonding, allowing up to eight links for more capacity and failover.
  • Byte Caching, reducing repetitive data traffic by more than 80 percent.
  • XipLink Embedded (XE) and XipLink Virtual (XV) integration, reducing box count for easy deployment.
  • Multi-Service Network Support, optimizing all cellular formats (2G/3G/4G) while simultaneously supporting Wireless
  • Internet Service Provider (WISP) traffic from a single appliance at a base station cluster.
  • Scalability, delivering the full suite of wireless link optimization features over a single appliance capable of meeting High Throughput Satellite (HTS) speeds.


Bruce Bednarski, Senior Vice President of Business Development at XipLink states, “The cellular backhaul market has emerged as a high growth vertical for XipLink. We take great pride in knowing that our solutions deliver unparalleled value in the production networks of the aforementioned industry leaders. The confluence of our flexible and scalable intellectual property when combined with XipLink’s customer focused internal culture, positions us as a valuable partner to cellular service providers. XipLink is committed to working closely with our customers through the design, implementation and support phases of network delivery to achieve their objectives.”

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