Satnews Daily
November 14th, 2016

ESA's Whopper Of A Request... $12.2 Billion

Here's a large request the European Space Agency will ask for from its 22 member governments coming up in December—11 billion euros ($12.2 billion). This includes a billion-euro telecommunications research effort to be conducted in partnership with the private sector and around 1.4 billion euros in new Earth observation missions. This is a multi-year financial commitment according to ESA's Director-General Jan Woerner. 

Woerner added that there are elements of the proposal that continue to be unsettled, therefore there most likely will be negotiated at December's meeting that includes ESA ministers.

There are other major issues that will need to be addressed such as the Norwegian government’s proposed 75 percent reduction in its contribution to ESA’s optional program, where 80 percent of the agency’s work is done, and then there is the drop in the value of the British pound in relationship to the euro.

Certainly there will be more to follow.