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June 14th, 2012

NSR... A Plethora Of Most Useful SATCOM Market Info... (Analysis | Reports)

[SatNews] As the end of the first half of 2012 nears, the satellite communications industry is on the cusp of a...

...dynamic revolution in government spending, commercial activities, and a high-throughput revolution. NSR—Northern Sky Research—a global, independent telecommunications consulting firm, helps guide the industry through these revolutionary changes in the satellite communications industry with industry-leading, independent, actionable market research reports covering the gamut of industry issues.

From an independent assessment of the state of the Hosted Payload sector in Hosted Payloads on Commercial Satellites, 2nd Edition, to detailed coverage of the Oil and Gas sector in Oil and Gas via Satellite, 2nd Edition, and the longest-running coverage of the mobile satellite services industry in Mobile Satellite Services, 8th Edition, NSR provides industry-leading guidance in these important sectors. This strong line-up of independent research is backed by NSR’s ongoing Bottom Line analysis, which provides perspectives and analysis from NSR’s global team of analysts on hot-topics facing the satellite communications industry.

    Hosted Payloads, 2nd Edition—The first in the industry to identify Hosted Payloads as an important trend 5 years ago, NSR’s Hosted Payloads on Commercial Satellites, 2nd Edition is the only independent analysis of the HP market. Through extensive interviews and years of market observation, NSR’s 2nd installment of Hosted Payloads on Commercial Satellites, answers the critical questions regarding HP viability among satellite operators, manufacturers, and HP clients. While covering the usual forecasts, hosted payload launches, in-service payloads, revenue potential for satellite manufacturers, satellite operators and payload developers; this report re-examines and analyzes the case for hosted payloads for traditional military and civil government use. NSR’s Hosted Payloads on Commercial Satellites, 2nd Edition further examines an emerging business model where private entities absorb the risk that governments and satellite operators may not be willing to take. NSR’s Hosted Payloads on Commercial Satellites, 2nd Edition, uses an independent scenario-based approach that assesses the net effects on potential revenue opportunities, as well as outlining the challenges and difficulties in making hosted payload arrangements a sustainable and workable business proposition.

    Oil & Gas via Satellite, 2nd Edition—In Oil and Gas via Satellite, 2nd Edition, NSR dives deep into the Oil and Gas ecosystem, providing both qualitative analysis and quantitative evidence to provide actionable intelligence on the latest developments in the O&G industry. Through detailed forecasts for in-service units, retail revenues, and bandwidth demand, NSR’s Oil and Gas via Satellite, 2nd Edition provides a thorough assessment of both upstream and midstream markets. Covering pipeline narrowband to broadband conversion trends to the latest trends in the ultra-deep-water segment, the report provides vital insights to the satellite communications industry. Furthermore, NSR explores the major addressable markets within the Exploration & Production and Distribution sectors to assess their importance to market players. NSR’s Oil and Gas via Satellite, 2nd Edition provides a bottom-line view on in-service units and service revenues for VSAT and MSS offerings, and bandwidth demand for C-, Ku-, and HTS services through 2021.

    Mobile Satellite Services, 8th Edition—Amidst an uncertain environment where funding is leveling off due to government budgets, mobility via satellite has reached a new level of recognition across the board and is expanding its reach across the globe. This longest-running report on the MSS market provides a completely updated assessment to give readers highly valuable information and data points to examine where the market is headed globally and by region. NSR’s Mobile Satellite Services, 8th Edition offers an objective view of the trends underlying the growth and the major impact of drivers and restraints to growth in both commercial and government segments. By evaluating and forecasting in-service units, equipment and services revenues, average revenues per user, and satellite capacity demand for mobility services, NSR provides the most complete and thorough analysis of expectations in the MSS market for the next ten years. With more handsets, greater bandwidth solutions and new products that are blurring the lines between MSS and FSS providers, this report is the definitive tool to help you track the evolution of this ever-changing marketplace.

    NSR’s Mobile Satellite Services, 8th Edition report is a key element of this industry-leading research effort and is a must-have for anyone tracking future demand for satellite-based mobility solutions.