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April 20th, 2011

World Teleport Assoc. Round-The-Clock Deliveries (Report)

[SatNews] Service is critical, which was the point brought home by the WTA.

The World Teleport Association has published a new report, How to Deliver High Quality of Service 24x7x365, that explores the practices of teleport operators in delivering high levels of service while balancing customer expectations, technology and human capital investment with the bottom line of the business.

Based on interviews with directors of operations and chief technology officers, the report explores the technical and human aspects of quality of service (QOS), from continuity for power systems to communicating effectively in a crisis. It shares the first-hand experience of operations professionals on where to apply automation and where to insist on the human touch, how to economize without unacceptable impacts on QOS, and how to motivate top performance from network operations staff.

“For teleports, which operate a 24x7x365 environment supporting customer applications worth millions of dollars, excellence in service requires a challenging mix of technology, systems design, procedures, and people with strong skills and experience,” said WTA Executive Director and report author Robert Bell. “Unlike telephone or IP carriers, teleports manage multiple custom networks and applications for their customers, which limits their ability to standardize solutions. And money is always an object.