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August 30th, 2011

GVF + sIRG... Counter Offensive Against Interference (Event)

RSVP today at the GVF or sIRG websites (www.gvf.org or www.satirg.org).
[SatNews] This one day event tackling satellite interference will be held in the Netherlands...

Organized by GVF and the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (sIRG), and in coordination with the Radio Frequency Interference - End Users Initiative and the World Broadcasting Unions - International Satellite Operations Group, an international satellite-industry forum has been initiated. This conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Boelelaan 2, 1083 HJ Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 8th from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

For several years now, broadcasters and satellite industry leaders have been collaborating to combat satellite interference throughout the world. What results have been achieved? What challenges remain to be addressed? And what is required to address those outstanding challenges? This Summit will provide answers. Participating in this high-level dialog will be executives covering the full spectrum of our industry:  Representing key satellite industry associations will be GVF (the Global VSAT Forum), sIRG (the satellite Interference Reduction Group) and their members. Serving as the voice of the broadcasting sector will be WBU-ISOG (the World Broadcasting Unions – International Satellite Operations Group) and a relatively new group, the RFI – EUI (Radio Frequency Interference – End Users Initiative). Now established are three working groups with representation from all the above mentioned organizations.  The goals of each group will develop plans designed to take quality assurance and satellite signal integrity to the next level. Those plans are critical because continuing interference is still causing service interruptions, which are increasing operational costs, decreasing reliability rates, and impacting industry competitiveness. 

Broadcasters' and satellite industry efforts to solve RFI problems have been extensive, but the adoption of viable solutions and their comprehensive implementation have yet to be achieved and there is heightened urgency for results.

What, exactly, needs to be done immediately?
  • Carrier ID must be implemented in time for the upcoming Olympics
  • Operators need to uphold and enforce product-quality-assurance measures
  • Training and Certification of technicians and SNG operators should become a requirement
This one-day event -- which is the most recent in a series of meetings held in Europe, North America, and Asia -- will include leading users, satellite operators, manufacturers, and other subject experts in interactive discussions and debate. Participants will have an opportunity to learn the latest developments relating to each facet of this issue, evaluate their relative merits, and build upon the progress already made towards necessary solutions. There is no charge for attendance, but seating will be limited. To ensure a place for your organization in this important forum, RSVP today at the GVF or sIRG websites (www.gvf.org or www.satirg.org).