Satnews Daily
February 18th, 2015

U.S. Navy Decides On SBG Technology Solutions For Mission Critical Comms Support

[SatNews] SBG Technology Solutions, a fast growing engineering and information technology service providers in the United States, recently won a multi-year contract with the Navy Program Executive Office Space Systems (PEO SS).

The contract is to provide support services that include operational maintenance, logistics, training, development, system testing and evaluation, production support and integration of Navy, Joint Military, Foreign Military and Commercial communications systems, encrypted secure networks, and communication links under the responsibility of PMW 146.

PEO SS is responsible for influencing the design, acquisition, and operation of national security space programs in order to provide a full on-orbit capabilities in support of open-ocean, littoral, and naval land operations. SBG will support the operational functionality, maintenance and management of these systems.

Vic Blanco, SBG’s Director of Contracts, said, “We will use our longstanding experience with the Navy and PEO SS to execute these mission-critical communications functions for the Navy.”

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