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July 7th, 2010

Vizada... Sea Solutions (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Vizada now offers shipping customers the full range of Vizada Solutions(tm) with the Iridium OpenPort(tm) service through a direct interconnection with the Iridium network. Shipping companies can now use their Iridium OpenPort terminal with one, or a combination of, Vizada Solutions to help better manage broadband communications at sea.

In addition to high-speed data connectivity with global coverage, they now benefit from online traffic management and monitoring systems, crew welfare solutions, email compression services, and solutions to increase data security. Vizada’s team of IP & networking experts has established an interconnection between Vizada’s global backbone and Iridium’s network, providing customers access to the following Vizada Solutions:
  • Terralink™ Data Manager, compressing web content by up to four times to help crew get more for their prepaid communications credit
  • Terralink™ Interconnect, providing an end-to-end secure bandwidth interconnection
  • The Source®, a web-based information management system to help partners track and manage end-user accounts: SIM card details, activation, deactivation, suspension
  • SkyFile® Anti Virus, protecting PCs and networks on board from viruses, spams, Trojan Horses, etc
  • SkyFile® Mail: compressing emails, SMS and fax by up to 90% to reduce data transmission costs