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August 3rd, 2017

What's in a Name? OHB's Got a New Name Highlighting Core Activities

Names are identifiers, conjuring up a vision, they are something everyone has including companies, and this company is announcing a new name.

megatel GmbH, a subsidiary of Bremen-based technology company OHB SE, has been renamed OHB Digital Services GmbH. This new name highlights more effectively the company’s core activities in the digital transformation and the provision of innovative solutions and will allow cross-company potential to be leveraged more efficiently. At the same time, the change of name emphasizes the company’s membership within the OHB Group.

 Jörg Biesewig, managing director of OHB Digital Services GmbH said they see themselves as IT consulting and software specialists for companies of all sizes. Our international customer base has been relying on our vendor-neutral and targeted-oriented implementation of jointly developed solutions for many years. Within the OHB Group, they are a sought-after partner for IT services alongside their affiliates.

Ulrich Schulz, a member of OHB SE’s Management Board added that the joint brand makes it clear to customers and the general public that OHB Digital Services GmbH is part of the OHB Group. This will benefit the entire Group. In this era of digital transformation and disruptive developments, the engineers, IT specialists and economists will be of great assistance to them in their Group-wide activities, helping them to develop new systems and business models.

OHB Digital Services GmbH’s portfolio entails the provision of advice and support in all processes within customers’ IT projects:

  • Advice on agile development processes, software, architecture and requirements analysis, testing and validation as well as operations and IT service.
  • Industry 4.0 solutions for industrial automation, production and the steel industry
  • Software solutions for offshore wind farms are provided by affiliated company OHB Digital Maritime Services
  • Advice on and sales of the NaviTrans transport logistics solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP.


Biesewig added that their new name reflects their orientation to the digital transformation and the potential it holds as well as the greater demand for business models such as cloud services.

OHB Digital Services GmbH has been offering IT solutions for 25 years. The team of 60 specialists is made up of engineers, IT experts, media scientists and economists. Via its membership in the OHB Group, it also has access to the knowledge held by around 1,000 high-tech specialists. OHB Digital Services GmbH’s customers are active in the aviation and space sector, heavy industry, automotive, forwarding and logistics, insurance and healthcare.