Satnews Daily
December 22nd, 2011

Globecomm Systems... An Upgraded Understanding (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Globecomm Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: GCOM) has received a contract modification....

.... from a Multinational organization (“the customer”) valued at approximately $3.1 million. Pursuant to this contract modification, Globecomm will provide the customer with one additional ground terminal, the provisioning of spare parts, tools and test equipment and additional test support. The original contract included the design and development of the overall system, including:

  • Production and integration of new ground terminals and upgrade kits for existing terminals
  • Management of the project
  • Testing and hand-over of the systems
  • Supply of tools and test equipment
  • Supply of documentation
  • Training of users and maintainers
Globecomm previously announced approximately $32 million under this contract from the customer. This contract modification brings the combined contract value to $35.1 million.