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August 9th, 2018

An International Investment Program from Intersputnik Set to Launch Soon

The Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications is starting to invite preliminary applications for a business development program that address satellite telecommunications.

The program investment fund totals $4,500,000 — a single applicant may receive up to$750,000 on preferential conditions. For several decades, it has been Intersputnik’s purpose to assist in the consolidation and expansion of economic, scientific, technological, and cultural relations by means of telecommunications, radio and video broadcasting via satellite.

The program is to contribute to the implementation of innovative space projects, including those in the field of satellite telecommunications services, satellite audio and video broadcasting, manufacture of satellite systems and telecommunications equipment, construction and upgrading of satellite telecommunications ground infrastructure.

The investment program is targeted at the member-countries of Intersputnik. At the same time, projects from other countries can also be considered.

Intersputnik now invites the following 26 countries to consider applications for this program: Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Georgia, India, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Korean Democratic People’s Republic, Cuba, Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Poland, Russia, Romania, Syria, Somalia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

The program will be launched in Q1-Q2 2019. Please send preliminary applications and additional detail requests concerning the tendering process to the Regional Projects Development Division at dir@intersputnik.com.