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June 13th, 2019

On the Show Floor: Appear TV's Newest X-Series Platform at BroadcastAsia 

Appear TV will be presenting updates to the firm's high-capacity, ultra-low latency, X-Series platform at BroadcastAsia  on stand 1M2-01.

The X10 and X20 now support digital video broadcasting satellite (DVB-S2x) systems and digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) with a new S2x contribution modulator and demodulator. In addition, the company's new X-Series transcoder complements its XC platform transcoder and its software-based video compression tools, providing transcoders that fit any task or deployment.

Appear TV's X10/X20 platform for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression specifically designed for video contribution and distribution.

The X-Series offers the complete spectrum of encoding codecs and helps broadcasters adopt the many benefits of an IP-centric operation in their own timeframe and with extreme simplicity. The new modulator also has an RF input that can be connected to a backup transponder, which can then be routed to the main output in case of a hardware failure on the main transponder. The X10and X20 can each output two transponders featuring switchable L-band or Intermediate Frequency (IF) with 72 Mbaud bandwidth.

In addition to the new modulator, the X-Series also features a new hardware design for its DVB-S2x contribution demodulator, an advanced platform that supports the DVB-S2x DSNG and professional services profiles.It can demodulate four transponders from four RF inputs, with up to 64 MBaud bandwidth, while fixed-key AES-128 and BISS-descrambling are embedded into both the modulator and demodulator.

Using the power of software defined hardware, the X platform transcoder runs on Appear’s reprogrammable compression module, allowing the hardware to be configured as an encoder, decoder or transcoder. The X platform transcoder features support transcoding up to 2 full UHD or 8 HD channels per module. This enables transcoding of up to 12 UHD or 48 HD channels per RU for demanding high-density deployments.

The transcoder supports transcoding of MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC source signals, into AVC and HEVC up to full UHD for the output. All installed transcoder modules in a chassis are treated as one processing block with full IDR alignment, which enables transcoding of multiple resolutions of the same service to be done on different modules, providing full flexibility of hardware utilization. The generation of classic linear channels for satellite, IPTV and cable can be combined with generation of multi-screen package on the same hardware at the same time, reducing installation cost, size, complexity and latency while simplifying operation, which showcases its strength and flexibility.

The module also supports full input analysis with detailed service and PID view. Incoming multiplexes can be de-multiplexed on input, and selected components can pass through transparently in combination with transcoding of video while maintaining valid video timing reference.

Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV, said the powerful X-Series platform is based on a modular and customizable chassis with fully firewalled, bi-directional, 10Gb/s IP streaming ports and advanced multiplexing functions as standard. At Appear, the company is continually looking at ways to improve the X-Series to provide even more flexibility, features and options, as broadcasters and operators’ linear, live as well as OTT workflows are evolving.These latest updates are a testament to the firm's continued commitment to providing customers with the latest capabilities.