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March 14th, 2018

Next-Generation Rapid Deploy Comms Hub from Hughes Heading to Large Oil Field Service Providers

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) has been awarded a contract to provide their new HT2900 Rapid Deploy Communications Hub to one of the world’s largest oil field services providers.

The new HT2900 represents the next-generation of the Hughes Ruggedized Transportable product line and it is designed to be a full communications hub ideal for connectivity in remote locations. The base model supports Ka-, Ku- and L-band service with self-pointing satellite connectivity for both Hughes High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) and mobile fleet services.

The base model also includes a Hughes HR4700 Secure SD-WAN Gateway and an industrial grade WiFi access point. The HR4700 provides full security, UTM and Hughes ActiveTechnologies™ for optimized IP network communications. An optional 4G/LTE modem can be added to increase connectivity options when appropriate.

Packaged in a ruggedized container with customizable configurations that support operations on land and in maritime environments, its simplified operation and enhanced mobility features will help the company execute real-time analysis and evaluation of natural resource exploration.

Royce Hernandez, Senior Director at Hughes, said that this new solution will enable real-time reporting of drilling data and will enable Hughes customers to improve efficiency and optimize their operations. With broadband connectivity from Hughes, it will deliver high data throughputs, revolutionizing how the industry monitors conditions, predicts issues and conforms to evolving safety requirements — laying the foundation for more autonomous rig operations — truly an innovation powering a connected future in the oil and gas industry.”

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