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May 31st, 2018

Inmarsat's Jet ConneX Is Quickly Connecting Now Celebrating 275th Installation of Business Aviation Inflight Wi-Fi

In less than 18 months Inmarsat's (LON: ISAT) Jet ConneX business aviation inflight WiFi service has been installed and activated on 275 business jets worldwide. Business jet manufacturers Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault and Embraer have all selected Jet ConneX as a preferred line-fit option. In addition, Inmarsat has experienced substantial adoption of the solution on a retrofit basis, with more than 40 type certificate and supplemental type certificate (STC) approvals already secured, including for all Boeing and Airbus VVIP type models.

The impressive milestone highlights its rapid uptake across the world. As the only global, high-speed inflight Wi-Fi option for business jets today, it offers the same connectivity in the air that has previously only been available on the ground. Using Inmarsat’s advanced Ka-band satellite network, Jet ConneX offers data plans up to 15Mbps and consistent global coverage across all airline routes enabling the business traveler to do business wherever and whenever.

Michael Rack, Senior Vice President of Core Business, Inmarsat Aviation, said that the fact that 275 aircraft have been installed with Jet ConneX in such a short space of time is a major endorsement of the service from customers. In the business aviation market, it’s clear that manufacturers, owners and passengers all compete to have the very best products and services, so positive word-of-mouth about standout offerings travels fast.

He continued saying that early adopters of Jet ConneX from Fortune 500 flight departments have put the solution through their own rigorous testing and commended its merits after experiencing the results first-hand. Without their endorsement they would not be reaching this milestone so quickly. Inmarsat is delighted that manufacturers, maintenance professionals and owners all recognize the unparalleled quality and potential of this solution. Since entering commercial service, Jet ConneX adoption has made ground-breaking progress globally and they see no signs of it slowing down. Demand continues to be incredibly strong among executive travelers, particularly among Fortune 500 companies, and they look forward to even more activations in the coming months.

Aircraft connect to the service using Jet Wave hardware, which is manufactured exclusively by Honeywell Aerospace. To date, more than 1,000 of these JetWave systems have already been delivered by Honeywell to business aviation and commercial airline customers