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April 7th, 2016

New Video Animation From INTEGRASYS For Their Satmotion Pocket Product

[Satnews] Broadband customers worldwide complain about satellite connectivity usage when compared to terrestrial connectivity—therefore, our industry needs smarter tools that allow satellite broadband access to be more competitive with other types of services, simplifying access, maintenance, installation and commissioning to deliver a greater user experience.
The satellite industry has dramatically advanced over recent years in terms of capability and competitiveness. The satellite “facelift” mainly centers around High Throughput Satellite (HTS). HTS will enable more people to access digital services via satellite than ever before; however, perhaps more importantly, HTS means that satellite is suddenly a viable alternative to other types of communication technologies, especially in those hard to reach areas. This, in turn, has led to a veritable explosion in service provisioning, giving the satellite industry the chance to shine—but not without a few hurdles.
HTS is a great alternative to terrestrial connectivity; however, many customers are complaining about the complexities of the technology when compared to fiber, especially in the deployment faze. HTS is based on an economy of "escale," where the operators have to provide larger networks to cope with the extra demand, which often needs to be deployed within a short time frame.

In addition, the nature of these deployments is generally in remote locations that are lacking other communication infrastructure. The installer of VSATs needs to both travel long distances to deliver and and then set-up the equipment and to then spend a considerable amount of time carrying out the installation.  Reducing installation time can, therefore, save valuable time, even if it cannot remove the time required for travel.

To assist in the understanding of the SATCOM processes, INTEGRASYS has just released a new animation video that focuses on the company's Satmotion Pocket product. The video is entitled "Satellite Made Easy" and is hosted on YouTube. Click on the graphic below to view their animated video.