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Current Satellite News
April 7th, 2016
USAF Space Command's Space And Missile Systems Center + 460th Space Wing... Transfer Sats + Payloads 
"This is a major milestone along the path to demonstrating the ability for Block 10 to conduct the missile-warning and defense missions of the SBIRS and DSP constellations, and...
Satellite Services For Aircraft Analyzed By NSR In Their Upcoming Report
NSR’s extensive experience in assessing aero SATCOM trends and drivers helps readers map their future in this high growth market.
New Video Animation From INTEGRASYS For Their Satmotion Pocket Product
The video is entitled "Satellite Made Easy" and is hosted on YouTube.
Data Being Received From The Sentinel-3A Satellite Is Most Promising
Sentinel-3A was launched on February 16 of this year and is now operating nominally and all instruments are activated.
NSSLGlobal Is Pluggin' + Playin' In The Maritime Sector
CC-LITE is compatible with both FleetBroadband and Iridium Open Port, meaning it can be integrated into a number of vessels across A1 to A4 regions.
Northrop Grumman Alerts USAF...Ready To Take On GPS III
The Air Force is looking to update the GPS system, which has been delivering precise global position, navigation and timing services worldwide for more than two decades.
Striking Oil In Space? China Goes High To Study Earth’s Depths... Sends Pressurized Oil Into Space
The Soret Coefficient in Crude Oil experiment will measure how hydrocarbon molecules redistribute when the temperature is not uniform.
Forging A Link For Uplink With Babcock Is SIS LIVE
The service commenced this month with SIS LIVE providing uplink facilities from their MediaCityUK teleport. 
GeoSpatial Experts Think GIS® Suite Gains With A WTH Technology Partner
WTH customers will now be able to quickly and easily collect field data with mobile devices and integrate the data into their Think GIS® mapping system.
DARPA Helping Aircraft To Automatically Avoid Mid-Air Collisions
The integrated sense-and-avoid (SAA) system includes a single optical camera that provides imagery for detection and tracking.
RF-Design Is Flexible w/FlexLink S7A-1616... Showcased @ CommunicAsia 2016
This new Switch Matrix unit is especially designed for smaller sized RF distribution and signal management architectures.
DigitalGlue... Highest $ales Achievement Award From Harmonic ...Five Out Of Six Years
This is the fifth time out of the last six years that DigitalGlue has received this honor.