Satnews Daily
February 27th, 2013

CET Teleport GmbH + SES... More Complete African Coverage (Capacity)

[SatNews] CET Teleport GmbH announced that it has signed a three year contract with...

...SES for NSS-12 Ku-band capacity linking Europe and East Africa. CET has seen substantial demand for satellite services in this region and the East Africa beam has proved immensely popular with both operators and end-users. CET has been steadily building up its portfolio of satellite capacity and expanding its coverage over Africa. Adding NSS-12 to the map completes CET’s goal of having the African continent covered with Ku- and C-band.

Artistic rendition of the NSS-12 satellite, courtesy of SS/L.
CET is already providing services on the Ku-band South Africa beam of NSS-7 and is delighted to expand its partnership with SES, with the addition of NSS-12 East Africa beam. Services on both satellites are provided as SCPC links or through one of CET’s iDirect Evolution hubs at its teleport in Hameln. Africa is now one of the fastest growing markets in the world and there is an ever increasing requirement for broadband and VoIP connectivity for government, commerce and individuals in both the urban areas where infrastructure development has not kept pace with demand and also in rural areas which have not been properly served in the past.