Satnews Daily
September 30th, 2018

Harris Two-Channel Handheld Radios Ordered by U.S. Army

Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS) has received orders for 1,540 AN/PRC-163 two-channel handheld radios and related equipment and services as part of the U.S. Army’s two-channel Leader radio IDIQ contract.

The Harris
AN/PRC-163 radio.

The AN/PRC-163 enables users to send information up and down the chain of command as well as across the battlefield network backbone and incorporates secure two-channel connectivity in a lightweight, easy to use, handheld rugged form factor. The radio can simultaneously transmit voice, data and situational awareness through Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking applications, VHF/UHF line-of-sight, and legacy SATCOM while offering a path to future software-only updates for MUOS, SATURN and other emerging waveforms.
The award builds upon the company’s proven ability to engineer and deliver two-channel, next-generation handheld, manpack and vehicular radios. Harris previously was awarded contracts by the U.S. Special Operations Command for next-generation handheld and manpack radios and was awarded a position on the Army’s HMS Manpack IDIQ with its two-channel AN/PRC-158 manpack radio.

Executive Comment

Dana Mehnert, President, Harris Communication Systems, said that the AN/PRC-163 is the most advanced software-defined handheld radio in the world today and will provide warfighters and commanders with unprecedented capabilities, including enhanced levels of command and control, and situational awareness. These two-channel Leader radio orders are an important milestone in the modernization of the Army’s tactical network.