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November 4th, 2019

Inmarsat's 2nd Annual 2019 Superyacht Connectivity Report is Now Available

Inmarsat has released the 2019 Inmarsat Superyacht Connectivity Report, providing unique insight about the future requirements for global, mobile satellite communications on superyachts

The company is reaffirming their commitment to safeguard the on-board systems of the superyacht fleet after new research revealed that more than 80 percent of superyacht professionals lack awareness about the most effective measures of cyber security. The survey of captains, engineers and crew also indicates that 67 per cent of respondents do not have a third-party organisation in charge of their security management on-board.

As the demand for reliable, global connectivity continues to rise in line with the expansion of digitization in the sector, the risk of cyber-attacks is increasing, threatening vessel systems, the integrity of personal data and the on-board IT infrastructure. However, despite the dangers of cybercrime, most key superyacht personnel assume that a standard anti-virus program will cover all their cyber security requirements, according to new data obtained by Inmarsat in its 2019 Superyacht Connectivity Report. In light of the findings, Inmarsat is continuing its work to improve awareness about the essential technology and specific seafarers’ training required to maintain on-board security.

Inmarsat produced the report for the second year to gain unique insight and strengthen links with the superyacht community, in support of its Fleet Xpress service and ground-breaking Fleet Secure portfolio, an effective, multi-layered cyber security solution that combines cyber awareness, network security and endpoint security.

Key findings from the report reveal only 17 percent of respondents know the difference between Anti-Virus software and more secure endpoint protection. In terms of on-board security management, 29 percent said the captain was in charge, 29 percent said the ETO was in charge and 8 percent said that that no-one oversees cyber security on-board, with only 33 percent confirming that a third-party organization oversees their security. To help superyacht captains and crew maintain a secure system core on-board, Inmarsat has developed its Fleet Secure Portfolio to provide a comprehensive solution, consisting of three services:

  • Fleet Secure UTM (Unified Threat Management), which is a comprehensive set of tools designed to continuously inspect, detect and protect the vessel’s network;
  • Fleet Secure Endpoint, a powerful multi-layered endpoint security solution to prevent attacks whilst removing infections and threats throughout the onboard endpoints; and
  • Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness, cyber security training specifically targeted for seafarers, raising awareness to assist in preventing threats before they get on board.


Inmarsat’s Yachting and Passenger portfolio includes the Fleet Xpress platform, which is powered by the Global Xpress Ka-band network, combined with the proven reliability of Inmarsat’s flagship FleetBroadband L-band service. Benefits of Fleet Xpress include affordable voice calls, multiple voice options for crew and operations, and high-speed broadband for internet access, plus 24/7 online support by certified engineers. For superyacht clients, Fleet Xpress provides added subscription flexibility to meet seasonal demand changes.

Peter Broadhurst, SVP, Yachting and Passenger, Inmarsat said that it is not expected that everyone on-board a superyacht is a cyber security expert, so it is up to the company to take the lead in this critical issue and improve cyber resilience at sea. Inmarsat is committed to raising awareness of the fact that a powerful, multi-layered endpoint solution, combined with multiple asset management, monitoring options, network security and training, is essential to remove infections and threats, and maintain a secure system core. The company will continue to work with superyacht professionals to provide more robust and accessible options when captains and engineers review their security management on-board.

The full 2019 Inmarsat Superyacht Connectivity report is available for download at this direct link...