Satnews Daily
February 18th, 2015

NASA and AFRL Join The Throng With New Focuses @ Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo

[SatNews] NASA and AFRL have confirmed their involvement in the new Advanced Aerospace Technology dialogue sessions, participating with GE Aviation, taking place at Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo, co-located with Space Tech Expo, in Long Beach, California, May 19-21, 2015. 

GE, NASA and AFRL are collaborating to help foster innovation in Aerospace with small and start-up businesses through two special free-to-attend sessions at the heart of the exhibition floor. 

The sessions will take place on Wednesday May 20, 2015 as part of the three-day free sessions program. Start-ups and small businesses are invited to participate in the two sessions: 

Incubator Session 1:  11.20am - 12.30pm - ‘Next Generation Electrical Power Systems’  
Incubator Session 2:  13.00pm - 14.10pm - ‘Hybrid / All-Electric Aircraft’

The sessions will provide interactive forums that highlight new technologies from small business innovators. The session’s hosts will introduce the themes and then open the floor to a panel of pre-selected companies to showcase innovative ideas for collaboration. 

Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo will focus on and bring together manufacturers and suppliers of products including:

  • Batteries
  • Power management & distribution (PMAD)
  • Electrical power conversion systems (EPCS)
  • Aircraft cable & harness assemblies
  • Semiconductors
  • Embedded systems
  • Proton exchange membrane fuel cells
  • Electrical architecture & design
  • Electrical testing
  • Photovoltaics
  • Wire insulation systems
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Electric hybrid aircraft
  • Connectors
  • Circuit breakers
  • Fuel cells
  • Auxiliary power units (APUs)
  • Stand-alone power distribution units (SSCB)
  • Databus cables & cable looms
  • Electrical engineering software
  • Aircraft wire identification coding
  • Configuration management
  • AC/DC power
  • Standards & compliance