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June 28th, 2015

Cobham Antenna Systems Goes Polar... Dual-Polar MIMO Base Station

[SatNews] Cobham Antenna Systems has developed a range of dual-polar MIMO sector antennas covering the UHF, 2GHz, 3GHz, 4GHz and 5GHz bands. The range offers excellent coverage (azimuth beam widths 60 degrees, 90 degrees and 120 degrees) with peak gains of 14 - 17dBi.

All antennas in the product range include interleaved vertical and horizontal (V&H) polarized antenna elements within a single aperture. This results in very compact, lightweight units with rugged and UV stable radomes.

Image courtesy of Redline Communications

Performance across the range is excellent and extremely consistent, as are the radiation patterns for a single antenna and also across polarizations. This makes the range an ideal choice for system roll-outs, even if frequencies are likely to change during planning processes.

The range also offers multiple benefits to installers and operators including: Reduced tower wind-loading (compared with two separate antennas); Lower cost for installation; Lower cost for tower rental; Lower cost for transport. 

Cobham’s team of engineers has designed this specific range of Dual-Polar (Vertical and Horizontally Polarized) MIMO Base Station antennas, as a complete series. 

As a system designer the benefits from the whole series of antennas designed in standard configurations are:

  • Consistency of beamshape for each azimuth angle across the bands
  • Consistency of beamshape across the full band within each product
  • Highly consistent measured data available in various formats including iBwave for planning
  • Vertical and Horizontal polarizations overlay each other extremely well
  • High isolation between polarizations
  • Good choice of beamwidths to select optimum solution