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December 8th, 2011

Track24... Bursting Onto The Scene (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Track24 has won a contract to supply...

....the Canadian government with short burst data (SBD) services from Iridium Communications Inc. The contract was awarded in response to the growing requirement for secure satellite data communications, for military and government organizations, that have beyond line-of-sight capability gaps. Track24 will deliver Iridium SBD-based devices, airtime and support under the contract which is designed to connect assets in ways never before possible, as well as minimise procurement costs and delays. It was issued by Shared Services Canada (SSC), and allows Canada’s government departments and agencies to deal directly with Track24’s subject matter experts, without having to undergo expensive procurement processes for every instance in which they require the same technology and service.

Director of Canadian satellite services at Track24, Giles Peeters, notes, “Government departments often need innovative, high-value satellite services at short notice. We are able to use our vast experience to provide secure, reliable solutions to help user communities function in a controlled, safe and effective manner. Track24 is an established satellite technology enabler that uses Iridium’s services in its satellite tracking risk management solutions and its blue force tracking defence sector solutions. Iridium is the only company that provides true global coverage with its low Earth orbiting satellite constellation, and is established in the community as a leading carrier with best-in-class solutions.”

Iridium’s SBD service transmits messages in small data packets via its satellite network in 20 seconds or less. Pat Shay, VP and general manager of data services at Iridium, said, “Track24 is an important, long-standing member of the Iridium partner ecosystem and has successfully employed our global data capabilities in a number of its tracking solutions. We will continue to provide Track24 with our full support and expertise in order to help the Canadian government realise the enormous potential offered by Track24’s technology, combined with our unique communications services.”