Satnews Daily
February 23rd, 2015

SatLink Communications Takes NovelSat Satellite Modems To The Sea... Ahoy! Maritime Services  

[SatNews] NovelSat has announced that satellite services provider SatLink Communications has acquired a sizable quantity of NovelSat NS300 satellite modems to enhance the satellite communications solution offering for their maritime customers.  SatLink Communications, a global teleport, content management and HD Playout services provider, offers their maritime customers triple play solutions, broadcast and VNO services.   

NovelSat NS300 Professional Satellite Modem

NovelSat, a long-time SatLink partner, has delivered their NovelSat NS300 Professional Satellite Modems to replace existing KU band-based systems and for implementations with new customers. The NS300 Modem is the industry’s most flexible, scalable satellite modem, offering a wide range of modulation options and superior link reliability, which make it a good match for any communication application or budget.

Maritime installations are constrained in a number of ways that affect satellite communications. Constant motion and smaller mobile antennas can limit available throughput. Their mobile energy sources require superior energy efficiency. Plus, fluctuating weather conditions can impede signal quality, leading to poor spectral efficiency, reduced throughput and higher bandwidth costs.

The NovelSat NS300 Modem can deliver superior reception quality and higher throughput at significantly lower SNR than similar modems, which makes it possible to use smaller, lighter, lower gain antennas and to increase the satellite coverage footprint, even when reception is impeded by 2 to 5dB more than other systems.

The SatLink solution takes advantage of NovelSat DUET CeC (Channel Echo Cancellation), the industry’s only software based band reuse technology. This technology effectively doubles channel capacity in bi-directional satellite links with no need for additional hardware. The NovelSat NS300 also overcomes the challenge of weather fluctuations through the implementation of smart ACM (Automatic Coding and Modulation) which automatically adjusts fade margin to ensure that bandwidth usage is optimized without sacrificing link quality during bad weather.    

David Hochner, CEO of SatLink, Communications commented, “SatLink is always on the lookout for the most advanced technology to offer our customers a creative, high end, flexible and efficient solutions. NovelSat modems are a part of that vision.” 

NovelSat NS300 Professional Satellite Modems are compatible with all satellite industry standards including DVB-S and DVB-S2 and offer NovelSat NS3. NovelSat NS3 is an optional software package that typically delivers more than 30 percent improvement in spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2.

“Mobility, weather fluctuations and power limitations make maritime satellite communications particularly challenging,” said Dan Peleg, NovelSat VP R&D. “By selecting the NovelSat NS300 Satellite Modem, SatLink will easily overcome these challenges to offer their maritime customers the most secure, reliable and efficient communications available.”