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May 25th, 2016

GeoSync Microwave™ Has Hot Offer... A Variety Of 'Hot Swappable' Options In Their New RD Series  

GeoSync Microwave, a SATCOM product manufacturer, now offers a variety of combinations of their converters. Two independent block converters 1RU, each 'hot swappable' are available in GeoSync Microwave's new RD Series.

Any combination of single or even select multi-band (Regions 1, 2 and 3 Ku-bands or multiple DBS, Ka-bands) Block Up and/or Downconverters covering RF SATCOM bands from L- through Ka- with L-band IFs in a single 1RU chassis are now available from Geosync Microwave. 

Each converter has its own power supply and is independent from the companion unit.  Examples would be an L- to Ka-band Upconverter with a Ka- to L-band Downconverter side-by-side in a 1RU chassis.  

Another option would be two Up or two Downconverters, either the same or different bands side-by-side, or any combination of SATCOM bands and mix of converter types.  These block converter systems provide frequency translation between the transponder band and L-band frequencies.

The two independent converter assemblies are “hot swappable” through the rear of the chassis. Each converter tray has independent control of the front panel. The front panel can be replaced without loss of signal. 

Click Here for Specification Sheet GS35-SPC 


  •  Hot swappable independent converter trays with power supplies and reference oscillators.
  •  RS422, RS485 and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  •  Amplitude slope adjust
  •  Low phase noise, better than IESS-308/309
  • Low intermodulation distortion
  • 30 dB level control
  • Summary Alarm
  • CE Mark 


  •  Reference clean-up loop and improved stability
  •  Lower gain
  •  High Performance Package
  •  Lower phase noise (included with high performance package)