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June 6th, 2018

IsoTropic Networks Challenges the Market Hype of iDirect's iQ 200 Series and Finds It Outperforms Competitors

A live, over-the-air test of DVB-S2/S2X conducted by IsoTropic Networks, a global solutions provider of satellite internet services, found that early tests of the new iDirect iQ 200 Series were able to outperform competitive products reaching close to 200 Mbps aggregate throughput.

VT iDirect's iQ Series Router.

With so much market-hype, IsoTropic decided to test the performance of DVB-S2/S2X products to determine their real-world capabilities to ensure their customers were guaranteed superior services using best-in-class technology.

IsoTropic tested the new iDirect iQ 200 Series in a lab setting with a MODCOD of 256APSK, achieving close to 200 Mbps aggregate throughput. The IsoTropic team then conducted live over-the-air (OTA) tests saturating a 36 MHz transponder, using 32APSK and a 1.2m antenna, having the iQ 200 operated at speeds of over 130 Mbps with zero errors or packets loss. In both lab and over-the-air test scenarios, the iQ 200 outperformed competitors.

The iQ 200 is part of iDirect’s iQ Remote portfolio, a series that features next-generation DVB-S2/DVB-S2X for unprecedented performance. It has mobility features such as GPS input; OpenAMIP; S2/S2X beam switching; up to 45 Msps DVB-S2; 119 Msps DVB-S2X; and 15 Msps Adaptive TDMA. The iQ 200, available as a rackmount form factor and board level product, is designed to benefit the smaller enterprise, cellular backhaul and transport mobility markets, such as land mobility applications and small offshore vessels. It is planned for commercial release in summer 2018.

IsoTropic’s Chief Satellite Scientist, James Boden, said that the increased efficiencies of the new iQ hardware at very high delivery speeds is another tool to support critical IP delivery to the firm's clients, worldwide.  Coupled with the best QoS in the industry and a Network Management System (NMS) that allows quick and intuitive network configuration, VT iDirect — once again — shows why they are the VSAT industry leader.
Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President of Sales, Americas, VT iDirect, added that the company is encouraged to see these early test results; with the combination of new HTS and DVB-S2X MODCODs, the aggregate performance and efficiencies will only increase. Working closely with IsoTropic on these tests provides invaluable feedback to ensure VT iDirect delivers the best product possible when the iQ 200 is brought to market this summer.