Satnews Daily
November 26th, 2014

Delivering Satellite Solutions Earns Thuraya Award @ Dubai Summit

[SatNews] Thuraya Telecommunications Company has been named the winner of Telecom Review’s Satellite Operator of the Year Award at its fifth annual It’s All About Networking Summit in Dubai.

Thuraya was awarded the recognition as a result of its continued success in delivering innovative satellite solutions. A pioneer responsible for disrupting the mobile satellite industry through its focus on innovation and convergence, Thuraya is responsible for delivering high-quality products with flexible airtime that meet the demands of users across sectors such as energy, maritime, media, government, M2M and relief. Thuraya is the first satellite operator to deliver BYOD to users through its game-changing SatSleeve. The company’s innovation strategy further extends to its distribution channels where it has announced agreements with leading MNOs including SoftBank Mobile in Japan, ChungHwa Telecom in Taiwan, Airtel Africa and Western Union for SIM refill services. Thuraya leads the convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications by enabling MNOs to offer 100 percent geographic coverage and provide cutting-edge mobile satellite solutions to their customers.
In selecting Thuraya for the award, Chief Executive Officer of Trace Media International, Toni Eid, said, “The winner of this highly competitive award is a true pioneer in the satellite industry. Thuraya’s game-changing products such as the XT, SatSleeve and IP+ continue to demonstrate the need for innovative satellite products that meet the constantly evolving demands of consumers today.”
Samer Halawi, Chief Executive Officer of Thuraya said, “We are delighted to have won this award, which recognizes Thuraya’s commitment towards innovation and transformation. The lines between MSS and the consumer technology sector are blurring and Thuraya is proud to lead this change. We strongly believe in the purpose that we set out for ourselves to save and improve lives. Therefore, we remain deeply committed to our innovation strategy of making satellite communications more accessible, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly for people to connect no matter where they are, and anytime they want.”

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