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June 24th, 2015

Imagery Content Partnership Formed Between BlackSky Global + AllSource Analysis

[SatNews] BlackSky Global has named their content partnership—AllSource Analysis.

BlackSky will provide high-resolution, rapid-revisit, cost-effective satellite imaging data to AllSource for incorporation into its multi-source analytics capabilities and product development.

The partnership will support a variety of analyses across multiple industries such as agriculture, forestry, civil government, non-governmental organizations, defense, finance, engineering, energy and others. Governments and organizations can leverage the combined imagery and analytics capabilities to monitor the worldwide economy, environment and trends to gain valuable business insights and intelligence.

Executive Comments
“BlackSky Global’s competitive business model, frequent revisit rate and end-user experience enables my team to source near-real-time imagery and quickly respond to our customer’s analytical needs,” said AllSource CEO Stephen Wood. “Fast access to BlackSky’s high-resolution imagery allows our analysts to accurately access what’s happening as it’s happening, and deliver relevant insight for our customers’ response plans.”

“With the capabilities of our satellite imagery constellation in viewing our planet in near real-time, we are excited about our partnership with AllSource and supporting its analysis,” said Jim Beckley, BlackSky’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “When it comes to monitoring and analyzing the global economy, working with a team that has such a deep bench of multi-source analysts and broad vertical market expertise is a powerful combination to go to market together. We look forward to working with AllSource to drive positive change and to better understand our world.”