Satnews Daily
February 23rd, 2017

Crystal makes it clear...a new COO who is Over The Top with service solutions

Crystal announces a new employee to assist with the company's monitoring and control software for video distribution over satellite, cable or the Internet. Alan Young, former Chief Technology Officer of Encompass Digital Media, has joined Crystal as Chief Operating Officer.

Alan Young,
Crystal's Chief Operating Officer

Alan brings with him experience in the broadcast and satellite industries. At Encompass, Young was responsible for advising the Executive Committee and customers on all matters relating to media technology, including leading the development of the company’s over-the-top (OTT) service offerings. He developed and implemented an OTT strategy that complemented and seamlessly integrated with the existing broadcast systems and satellite distribution. Prior to Encompass, he held senior technology executive positions with the satellite operator SES as well as Citigroup and Viacom.
CEO Roger Franklin stated that having Alan join the company is a major milestone for Crystal, with his  invaluable experience in understanding the customers’ business and workflow, which means his insight into their challenges and opportunities will really help them to fine-tune their solutions to better meet their needs.
Alan Young stated that he's excited to join the team as Crystal has a deep understanding of its customers’ everyday challenges. He said, "In my previous role, I saw on a daily basis how critical the kind of solutions Crystal provides are to broadcasters, especially as they look to add OTT distribution capabilities, where extracting the right metadata from the broadcast system is essential. I look forward to working on the technology side of the picture and helping broadcasters leverage their existing infrastructure for OTT delivery.”