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August 10th, 2016

An October Surprise Suspension For Mitsubishi & JAXA

When technology is involved in spatial daring do's, occasionally smaller elements can go awry and cause headaches for the larger mission... this is certainly the case for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., and JAXA as related to an upcoming launch.

The launch of the H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 6 with the H-II Transfer Vehicle known as KOUNOTORI6 (HTV6) payload has had to be postponed from the original departure from Earth date of October 1st. This event was to occur at the Tanegashima Space Center... a new launch date has not yet been announced.

The reason from the delay was the detection of a slight leak from the HTV6 piping system during an air tightness test, which is part of the launch preparations that are undertaken at the launch site. The HTV6 module will now be removed and all necessary measures to correct this fault will be conducted by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.