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June 13th, 2014

DigitalGlobe + Eagle Technology Group—New For New Zealand (Business—Reseller)

[SatNews] DigitalGlobe (NYSE: DGI) has a new reseller agreement in New Zealand with Eagle Technology Group, a privately held systems integration and information management company.

Takayuki Odawara, vice president and head of Asia-Pacific commercial sales at DigitalGlobe, said, "For the first time, New Zealand will have a local partner providing high-resolution, country-wide coverage."

In addition to New Zealand, Eagle Technology Group serves Asia-Pacific countries including Fiji and Papua New Guinea, which will significantly help expand the availability of DigitalGlobe's products and services throughout the region.

"Our new partnership with DigitalGlobe will bring enhanced geospatial solutions to New Zealand, to the benefit of civil government, defense, and commercial users," said Gary Langford, CEO of Eagle Technology Group. "Through this partnership, we're able to expand the web services we offer with geospatial data that are more current, accurate, and spectrally rich than anything else in the market."

The DigitalGlobe infosite is located at http://www.digitalglobe.com/

The Eagle Technology Group infosite may be reached via http://www.eagle.co.nz/