Satnews Daily
November 13th, 2018

Intelsat to Provide Vodacom Mozambique with 3G Services

Intelsat S.A. (NYSE:I) and Vodacom Mozambique have signed an agreement for a satellite solution that will provide 3G services that satisfy the growing data demand generated by the tourism sector.

Under a multi-year agreement with Vodacom International, Intelsat has upgraded a network operated by Vodacom Mozambique using the Intelsat EpicNG high-throughput satellite platform. The solution delivers 3G services to Pomene, in southern Mozambique. Pomene has become an important tourist destination for the country, and as it attracts more visitors and cruise ships, the mobile network infrastructure needed to be rapidly and cost-effectively upgraded to meet increased demand.

Intelsat was able to address all of Vodacom Mozambique’s concerns — improving the network’s capabilities and delivering a better connectivity experience in a cost-effective manner — due to the higher performance and better economics delivered by Intelsat EpicNG. Intelsat’s service has proven so efficient, Vodacom Mozambique was able to expand the network to cover tourist lodges in Pomene, unlocking a new revenue stream for the operator.

Executive Comments

Basilio Pereira, Executive Head of Transmission, Vodacom Mozambiqu, said that, at first, the company believed the only way to upgrade the firm's network to deliver 3G services was with an expensive, terrestrial solution. Working with Intelsat, the firm was shown how the improved efficiency and throughput of Intelsat EpicNG could meet the company's needs better than a terrestrial option. In addition, the company was able to expand reach, grow the subscriber base and meet growth objectives due to a lower total cost of ownership.

Brian Jakins, Intelsat’s Regional VP, Africa sales, added that the performance of Intelsat EpicNG is delivering unprecedented power and efficiency to telecom infrastructure providers. The company has combined the traditional strengths of satellite, such as reach and ubiquity, with a new approach that delivers improved economics for mobile network operators. This helps customers deliver a 3G experience within the constraints of their budgets, and as with the case with Vodacom Mozambique, help them unlock new business opportunities that they had not been able to take advantage of previously.