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March 28th, 2013

Cassidian + Astrium Services... A Regional Network Connection (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Cassidian and Astrium Services have rendered Tetrapol a new dimension by creating a...

...possibility to interconnect regional networks over satellite. A live demonstration recently took place in Brazil with the purpose to showcase an end-to-end communication’s solution for border surveillance and to demonstrate what features can be added to a Tetrapol network when interconnected via satellite. Secure radio communication via Tetrapol networks from Cassidian are already in use by the Brazilian federal police department, Departamento de Polícia Federal. Nine regional Tetrapol IP networks ensure reliable coverage from the country's Atlantic coast to the Brazilian borders with Peru, Venezuela, Argentina and seven other countries. Tetrapol regional networks are usually interconnected using terrestrial connections. In remote areas such as the Amazon Forest where terrestrial telecommunication’s infrastructure is poor or nonexistent, the Astrium ServicesSKYWAN technology can now enable the interconnection of several networks over satellite with DAMA technology to share bandwidth between all the nodes. Thanks to the scalability of the Tetrapol solution, a wide set of Tetrapol services can be offered with a tactical temporary or permanent regional coverage. The satellite link also provides Internet access, video and other applications in parallel to the Tetrapol voice communication to remote locations, rendering the data transmission capabilities next to endless.

Oriximiná, where the demonstration took place, is a small city situated on the Amazon in the North of Brazil, is best reached by a four hour boat trip from the city of Santarém. Its remote location was chosen to simulate the harsh environmental conditions that border surveillance groups face on a daily basis. Attending the demonstration were representatives of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice as well as several federal agencies involved in border surveillance. Astrium Services and partner Cassidian presented a powerful showcase exhibiting simultaneous voice, video and internet transmissions to separate handheld devices, all while maintaining perfect network stability and excellent voice quality.

Through its ND SatCom product range, Astrium Services is a leading global supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT, broadcast, government and defence communication networks and ground station solutions. Its innovative technologies are deployed in broadcast and media, enterprise and telecom environments, as well as government and defence, worldwide. The ND SatCom team and technologies hold more than 30 years of experience in providing a reliable source of secure, comprehensive and tailored engineered solutions, satellite networks and systems.

Tetrapol is an open, digital, purpose-built professional mobile radio (PMR) technology designed for professional users in public safety, the military or utility and transport industries. Professionals around the world rely on Tetrapol to provide secure, reliable voice and data communications. With 85 networks in more than 30 countries, more than 1,850,000 users are covered by Tetrapol.