Satnews Daily
September 13th, 2016

A Tanzanian Target For Avanti & Bentley Walker

Tanzania is the target locale for superfast satellite broadband services as Avanti Communications Group plc and Bentley Walker commit to a new contract to extend their longstanding, extensive partnership to provide consumers, NGOs, government departments and businesses of all sizes with Internet connectivity of up to 24 Mbps across the country.

Bentley Walker has recognized the opportunity for fast, affordable Ka-band satellite broadband services as an alternative to out-dated Ku- and C-band services in Tanzania. Ubiquitous satellite broadband is perfectly suited to help increase Internet penetration and usage. Bentley Walker will work with local partners, who will benefit from the flexible, low risk nature of the new services now available. The low risk opportunity stems from local partners being able to avoid long term commitment to capacity usage.

Artistic rendition of the HYLAS-2 satellite.

The contract is for capacity from Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite using the company’s custom guaranteed IP throughput product which offers Service Providers, such as Bentley Walker, seamless, high speed IP data connectivity with low capital investment to maximize opportunities and margins.

Bentley Walker will also leverage its innovative Home Cache product, as well as the enhanced capabilities and lower price point of iDirect’s latest platform. Home Cache is designed to effectively save bandwidth usage by caching HTTP content and enhancing users’ browsing experience by instantly loading frequently used content. In commercial and larger consumer networks, this can provide substantial savings and significantly improve performance for users. With the large capacity of the cache, there is provision for storing a wide array of data negating the need for larger data plans.

Anthony Walker, Chief Executive Officer at Bentley Walker, commented that the combination of Avanti’s Ka-band satellite broadband services with iDirect’s new platform and price points is a compelling opportunity for local partners.

According to Enrico Leonardi, the Chief Sales Officer of Avanti, demand for fast, affordable connectivity in Tanzania has been increasing as consumers, NGOs, government departments and businesses of all sizes understand the value and have greater access to mobile devices. This new contract with Bentley Walker addresses demand and increase Internet penetration by providing fast, affordable connectivity across the country.