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October 18th, 2013

Aer Lingus + Panasonic—Long-Haul Access (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Aer Lingus' long-haul fleet, comprising of seven Airbus A330 aircraft, have been fitted with satellite technology enabling high speed in-cabin Internet access and GSM services including SMS and mobile data.

The services are being provided by Panasonic’s Global Communications Suite and are available to customers travelling between Ireland and the U.S.

Customers can connect to the Aer Lingus Wi-Fi network using their own personal devices including laptops, tablets, mobiles and smart phones. This connectivity service on flights from Ireland allows passengers to browse the web, send and receive e-mail, download content and use instant messaging and social networking.

In addition, mobile phone services, which are offered in cooperation with AeroMobile, are available to customers using their mobile phone, smart phone, Blackberry and tablet computer devices. This service will enable customers to send and receive text messages or email, use GPRS services, browse the web and more. Calls will not be permitted. Representative studies have shown that a majority of customers prefer a 'call free' cabin.

Aer Lingus' low-cost, low fares model is centered on maintaining low unit cost, offering one way fares, maintaining effective fleet utilisation and developing the Aer Lingus brand. Consistent with this low-cost model, Aer Lingus' primary distribution channel is its website aerlingus.com where customers can find a number of cheap flight deals, as well as take advantage of the Aer Lingus check in app, purchase travel vouchers and find other cheap flight tickets.