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April 12th, 2017

Quintech's XTREME 256 Matrix Switch, Among Other Equipment, Procured by US Government

Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc. has reported that their XTREME 256 matrix switch and distribution equipment was procured by a US Government media agency for expansion of their satellite network capacity.   

Quintech's XTREME 256
Matrix Switch.

Quintech’s XTREME 256 matrix switch provides best-in-class reliability and uptime for critical 24x7 transmissions.  The XTREME 256 is the only L-band matrix that provides a dedicated redundancy path that does not require re-routing of any existing connections.  Redundant power supplies, controllers and fans are standard.  All active cards are hot swappable and accessible through the front panel, which reduces maintenance time and disturbance of cables as compared with rear panel accessible cards.  The XTREME 256 matrix uses less than 600 Watts, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership, whereas comparably configured matrices use more than 1500 Watts.
Frank Elling, the President of Quintech Electronics, noted that the XTREME 256 (patent pending) matrix switch is the only switch that can be configured as a symmetric 128x128 or asymmetric 96x160, 64x192, 32x224 configuration. The company designs products with the highest reliability for mission critical applications.  The matrix switch, paired with Quintech’s splitters and LNB power sources, meets or exceeds 99.99 percent availability, as required by the government media agency.