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March 20th, 2014

NSR—Backhaul, Trunking and Video Offload Examinations (Analysis | Report)

[SatNews] NSR's Wireless Backhaul, Trunking and Video Offload via Satellite, 8th Edition, analyzes current and upcoming programs for the wireless backhaul and trunking via satellite market.

A new market segment, Video Offload, is also assessed for the first time ever in the industry, a segment which could offer emerging opportunities for satellite companies to offload mobile video traffic in all markets. All three segments are analyzed in terms of market prospects, both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. The three inter-related yet distinct market segments should provide market players within an increasingly complex ecosystem with a strategic roadmap whereby service, bandwidth and equipment forecasts indicate strategic risks one could take today in order to tap future revenue opportunities. HTS forecasts are enhanced in this latest edition as well where frequency breakout is assessed and quantified. The upcoming rollout of Intelsat EPIC NG necessitates such a breakout, which could signal whether other HTS market entrants could or should potentially adopt an EPIC-like market entry strategy.

This complete analytical tool will help readers track the development and advances of this evolving market. It will help answer fundamental questions about satcom services such as:

  • Is Video Offload a real proposition over the short-to-medium term or is this an offering that should be tapped in the distant future?
  • Which technology offerings or satellite programs are the most compelling today and over the long term for these three distinct market segments? Why?
  • Can satellites play in the 3G/4G market? If so, what solution(s) are the best fit?
  • Where are SCPC and TDMA headed?
  • What is the overall effect of HTS, MEO-HTS and Wideband Ka-band?
  • Who are the key players, and what is their market differentiator?
  • What is the role of satellite technology currently and over the long term for each regional market for backhaul, trunking and video offload? Which regions provide the best prospects over the next 10 years?
  • What is the expected take-up rate per wireless offering, and what are the implications for satellite equipment for each market segment?
  • What level of satellite bandwidth demand is likely to be required in each regional market for the provision of wireless backhaul, trunking and video offload services?
  • What is the impact of wireless broadband connectivity to the satellite backhaul, trunking and video offload markets?
  • How do prices affect market take-up for satellite solutions?

This 8th Edition report now looks at the market potential in three inter-related yet distinct market segments where a product and service roadmap could lead to risk-taking and strategic enhancements for provisioning next-generation services, specifically 3G/4G and video offload services. This unbiased report, which builds upon market needs that include application requirements, traffic trends, cost structures and other market-driven elements, serves as an opportunity roadmap for future program risk-taking.

The report continues to provide an honest assessment of market fit in terms of scrutinizing the value proposition of market players where the reader is able to navigate various market segments, regions and platform choices in this promising but risky business landscape.

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