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October 27th, 2010

Orbit Communication Systems... Tri-Band Triumph (MILSATCOM)

[SatNews] ORBIT Communication Systems, Inc. (USA) now has a contract for the supply of two Tri-Band (L/S/C) Telemetry Tracking Systems.

The order was placed by the Telemetry Branch, Atlantic Test Ranges of the Naval Air Warfare Center’s Aircraft Division at Patuxent River, Maryland, USA. The systems, to be delivered by mid-year of 2011, will include two of ORBIT’s latest technological advances: the Tri-Band (L/S/C) Autotracking Antenna Feed Assembly and the AL-4000 Antenna Control Unit (ACU). Both systems will make their debut at the International Telemetering Conference (ITC), to be held on Oct 25-28, 2010, in San Diego, California.

In response to the telemetry market’s growing adoption of C-band frequencies — in addition to L- and S-band commonly used today — ORBIT ‘s new Tri-Band Feed system provides a state-of-the-art solution for simultaneous operation in multiple telemetry and satellite communication frequency bands. Combining L-, S-, and C-bands in the same feed, the company’s new concentric coaxial cavity technology eliminates the need for multiple feeds and reflectors, enabling the simultaneous operation, transmission, reception and autotracking in L-, S-, and C-Bands. The Telemetry Branch of the Atlantic Test Range at Patuxent River Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) is one of the leading telemetry test ranges in the U.S. Following an extensive survey of the market, Patuxent River NAWC selected ORBIT’s Tri-Band as the best solution to meet the needs of their Spectrum Augmentation Project. ORBIT’s compact system features a wide range of tracking capabilities, efficient reflector illumination, electronic (non-mechanical) beam nutation, high and rapidly changeable scan rate, high power transmission capability, low axial ratio, independent on-axis (uncorrupted) data reception channel, and no cross-over gain reduction at boresight.