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February 9th, 2011

ND SatCom... Warping Into South Africa (SATCOM)

[SatNews] South African data center operator Business Connexion (BCX) has ordered the first 40 of a total of 200 XWARP stations from ND SatCom.

The total investment is worth millions and allows for the expansion of a satellite cloud infrastructure in the south of Africa to take definite shape. Currently, XWARP is the only satellite transmission system worldwide with a Citrix-ready certificate. BCX does not just use the technology for extremely low latency connection of its own sites, but above all for cloud computing offers, as well. Many areas of Africa have no stable, terrestrial broadband infrastructure. BCX considers XWARP an economically sound alternative so that innovative IT services can still be offered as a scaleable cloud service throughout the continent. The BCX project is being implemented jointly with Q-KON – a South African provider of satellite services who has been co-operating closely with ND SatCom for ten years.